Health Talk On How Not to Be Pre-Diabetic by Dr Sears

Awesome call on the importance of eating veggies and fruits daily.

How not to be Pre-Diabetic. How to ensure your child doesn’t become pre-diabetic.

Learn health tips on how to prevent common disease in yourself and your child. Teach your child

simply tricks on how to eat well so they are strong and healthy.  Teach the difference between common foods

and how eating them effects how they feel and prevent disease.

If you don’t have your health, you have nothing! Don’t rely on another to tell you what to

do to be healthy! You must take full responsibility for you and your family.


Ecstatic Groove Event at PYC

You are invited to come explore

a unique take on dance and movement

You will be inspired to discover your unique style and way of moving.

Come get funky as you explore functional movements that promote

individuality, creativity and self expression.

No Experience Needed

Power Yoga Canada

1101 Clarkson Road  3rd floor

January 17th  1:30 pm to 2:30pm

Bring  water and a yoga mat.  $2 to rent a yoga mat on site

Please bring a non perishable food item to be donated to the local firehall.

Contact Sandra at to register

or call 416.706.6378

Come Play, Explore and Get Your Groove ON!!

Another year come and gone…

The past 10 years have flown by, but 2009 was by far the faster year ever! And if completely honest I have
to say I am open and more then ready for the new energies 2010 will bring! It has always been my belief that every circumstance
we create, every experience is an opportunity for growth…I have grown in 2009, and let’s leave it at that 🙂

Highlights of 2009 –

Business –
– business tripled
– referrals tripled
– made several new contacts to expand our businesses with in 2010
– strengthened relationships with existing clients…many who have become friends
– client base increased
– opened other locations of BootcampGoddess
– Found awesome trainers to expand the business with
– new website and logo redesign started…it’s a work in progress
– taught Ecstatic Grooves classes

Personal –
– discovered the impact I really have on my kids lives. This one beats out all the other great things which happened this year
by far
– discovered again how truly awesome each of my kids are. They are my motivation for all I do and aspire to be.
– renewed old friendships
– “Lost” 2 of my very best friends. Relationships change in life, it’s part of the deal.
– Walked across fire for the second time. Coolest experience ever!
– Oh so much closer to living in the “I am”
– this year has provided me with several opportunities to be a positive impact on so many women’s lives. And I am happy
to say according to them I did good 🙂

Overall 2009 had many peaks and valleys, there was no middle ground! 2010 will bring many more opportunities for peaks, not so much on the valleys. This is my story and I am sticking with it!

Intentions for 2010 –

– another fire walk
– open locations in the GTA
– post videos on my blog regularly to track my hot yoga 40 day transformation and workouts
– open my own studio
– Create a workshop in the first quarter to inspire women to change what they are not thrilled with and to rediscover the joys of just being
– facilitate more grooves classes
– My Neo will find me
– and the big one which I have to keep private for now but it is what is the core of what motivates me every day to move forward and get comfortable with being uncomfortable…stay tuned!!

I encourage you to move into a space where you feel happy each and every moment of every day. If you don’t wake every morning and wonder what awesomeness the day will bring you, you may want to rethink how you are spending your days. All we have is “now”. Embrace each moment it’s truly all we have.

Move every day…dance, yoga, run, just move! Be still every day…make time to connect with the essence of who you are. Breathe every day. Every day shine your brightest so everyone around you sees that it is ok to do so. These things will change the world as we know it!!

Make 2010 your brightest year ever!


Power of the Mind

I have always known this is the way it is…what you create in the mind, your beliefs, your views, create your existence – physically, and as life circumstances. Family genetics does not dictate your health, you do. It’s a scary concept for most. Being told you are responsible for what happens to you this life. Geez, no one to blame! This video is enlightening. I invite you to watch with curiosity and an open mind, especially if these concepts are new to you – Enjoy!

New tools to increase your fat loss, motivation and comittment!

I hope u had a very enjoyable time with your family over the Holiday Season.
A special congrats to Meaghan and Lindsay who both got engaged over the holidays, albeit not to each other…in case clarification is needed lol.

I have two new tools I will be implementing into the Bootcamp Goddess system starting the January 4th session.  Watch for deets coming very soon. I suggest you come to it with an open mind.  The women who choose to fully engage in these new protocols will without a doubt see an increase in fat loss, sense of well-being and self confidence.

Details to be unleashed soon…..

Next session starting January 4th.  See Fitness Fanatix link for full schedule
Make 2010 your year to shine!

Get your Groove on this holiday season!

Sunday December 20th
4pm – 530pm
Fitness Fanatix

Join us and experience a new way to think about how we move our bodies. In a world telling us to follow suit, it is time to break free, explore our individual uniqueness and embrace our inner funky selves! Groove classes are fitness classes for the mind, body and soul. Participants (Groovers) are guided through active movements that promote self-expression and creativity – Groovin’ is exploring movement to great music to make your body feel good and to create vibrant health in your body. Classes infuse positive mind and body-image messaging and inspire participants to connect to their SELF. In discovering your body and how it wants to move and express, you will reveal a new attitude can permeate into all areas of your life, opening us up to a whole new way of being, a unique way of being, YOUR way.

Bring a non perishable food to be donated to the local fire hall food bank.

Email to register today.

Come celebrate the joys of the season and all you are!

Sandra O’Brien

Christmas Grooves Party Take 2!

Sunday, December 20th

4pm – 5:30pm  at Fitness Fanatix

Plse bring a non perishable food item to be donated to the local fire hall.

Back by popular demand! Come celebrate the Christmas season by getting your groove ON!

Dance, play and groove to a variety of beats and sounds, tribal, house, pop!

Celebrate and be grateful for all you have in your life.

We will spend an hour getting our groove on followed by a stretch and meditation session.

See u there!

Goddess Wrap Perks Points – How to Get’em!

Perks Points are collected by Loyal Customers. A Loyal customer is someone who gets delivery of ItWorks product(s) automatically every month, they are on autoship.

For every product you order you collect Perks Points. Perks Points equals 10% of the wholesale price of the order.

These can be redeemed for FREE product!

Earn Perks Points on orders with wholesale value of $20 or more. After 6 consecutive months, redeem Perks Points at any time. After 12 consecutive months on auto-ship you earn 100 Bonus Perks Points from the company….that equals $100 in FREE Product for You!!

1 Perks Point = $1.00

The longer you wrap, the better the results. The longer you ingest Goddess Greens coupled with clean eating, the more alkaline you will be…this is a very good thing if a healthy body is important to you!