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Celebrate Your Fall Colours in Huntsville

A Soulful-Colourful Weekend with Spirit


Join Muskoka Hot Yoga as we welcome, Carrie Turcotte for a weekend of connection to self and spirit.  Carrie, is an International Motivational Speaker, and Educating Psychic Medium.

Muskoka Oct Event (4)


Friday, October 19th

New Moon Celebration

Join Carrie as she explains what’s currently happening with the universal energies followed by a grounding ceremony with chanting and guided meditation.

At this New Moon Celebration we will also be doing messages from Spirit.  If you’ve never attended one of Carrie’s “New Moon Celebrations” the messages you will receive during this class will amaze you.

Spirit knows what they are doing and when you put a group of awakened souls together to create energy, beautiful things begin to happen! Register here

Time:  7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Cost:  $25 each

Place: Private location disclosed upon registration

Please bring a blanket or chair to sit on as well as bottled water.

Saturday, October 20th

Messages from Spirit

During this 2 hour gallery reading, Carrie will deliver “Messages from Spirit” while enlightening the attendees on how the Spirit world works.  This allows all to understand that Carrie is simply the channel.

When Spirit begins to come through, they’ll validate that they truly are communicating through Carrie for their words will touch the heart & soul of their loved one(s) she is giving the message to.

Please note that by attending this event, you are not guaranteed a reading however do know that the Spirit worlds knows what they are doing so if you do not receive a personal message, the messages given will still touch your heart & soul. Register here

 Time:  4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Cost:  $45 each

Place:  Muskoka Hot Yoga Studio

395 Centre Street North, Suite 102-9

Huntsville ON


Sunday, October 21st

Soul Shades vs. Soul Glasses

As an Authorized Associate of the Insight Learning Foundation, Carrie has been teaching others about who they truly are for 30 years.

As an Educating Psychic Medium, Carrie uses this program to explain “The Law of Allowing”, in Soul Shades vs. Soul Glasses for this is one of the most difficult Universal Laws for people to grasp! When you understand why people do the things that they do, you can appreciate them for who they truly are!

Many have difficulties realizing that you can not change another person, you can only change yourself. That one must focus on one’s strengths not weaknesses or you will have your buttons pushed and bring down your vibrations. Something you do not want to do during these very intense energy shifts.

When you truly understand the “Law of Allowing” and how it works with the “Law of Attraction” you’ll start to understand how to manifest the life your soul truly desires by focusing on all the good in life and the world around us.

No matter what, you can not judge another for how they live their life and you certainly must allow them to do or say whatever they want for it has nothing to do with you! Not easy to do, however after completing this powerful workshop understanding the “Law of Allowing” will come quick and easy for you will no longer be wearing soul shades you’ll be wearing soul glasses! Register here


Time:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

 Cost:  $35 each 

Place:  Muskoka Hot Yoga

Register for all three events for only $88!!


Limited Time Offer Summer Promotion

May 24 PreSummer Promotion – Expires May 31st, 2017

Limited Time Offer

Expires May 31st, 2017

Purchase 2 Months of Unlimited Hot Yoga

Use July 1st thru August 31st, 2017

Only $250

Must be paid in full before May 31st, 2017

Can Not Be Shared

Great for Teachers and Cottagers!

Sign up here!

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April Hot Yogi of the Month – Caroline Maslin

I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I first tried my first hot yoga class with Sandra! The minute I relaxed into the final resting pose and she put the cool, scented cloth on my forehead, I knew I was hooked for life. Unlike any other exercise class I’ve ever endured, I really look forward to being in class and getting out of my head to just focus on my breathing, my poses and myself. I think of it as a stretching and strengthening exercise for my body, mind and soul.


Hot Yogi of the Month April 2017 – Caroline Maslin

Sandra has taught me to be patient. To be in the moment. To live my life as mindfully as possible. I can honestly say I am a much happier, healthier person for it.

I love all the classes at [Muskoka Hot Yoga](, from Zen to Power Flow. I like to think that I am getting better at it, although I’ll admit I’m not a thing of beauty when folding my body into a reverse bind or pigeon. I’ve never expected anything out of my poses, just inner peace. As Sandra reminds us constantly, though, “It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect.”

At the beginning of each practice, I set my intention. Sometimes I decide to send all my strength to a loved one. Or sometimes I decide to send all my love to a sometimes violent and unsteady world. I believe this basic tenet of yoga wherever I am, is where I am – eyes down, heart focussed, deep nourishing breaths.

I am so blessed to have met Sandra and the other instructors at Muskoka Hot Yoga and to have them as part of this community. Thank you for being there for me and all my other fellow yogis on our mats!


Register Here 

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Teen Karma Yoga at Muskoka Hot Yoga

Are you a teenager in grade 7 thru 12? Do you want to feel stronger, have glowing skin and care less what others think about you? Improve confidence? Hot Yoga can help you achieve these things and more!

From learning how to connect with breath, to embracing who You are and loving what is. Hot Yoga will give opportunity to self love. Hot yoga will improve the sports you play, concentration when you study, and improve your quality of sleep.

What are the benefits of including hot yoga in your life?cropped-you-are-good-enough.jpg
1. Feel stronger
2. Improved cardio
3. Glowing skin
4. Feel Great
5. Time with friends
6. Challenge Yourself
7. Learn how to stay present
8. Learn it’s none of your business what anyone thinks about you
9. Better flexibility
10. You get to chill out in savasana at the end!

Teen Hot Yoga

When: Thursday, March 16th, March 30th

Time: 4pm for one hour

Where: Muskoka Hot Yoga, 395 Centre street north, Huntsville, Ontario. Across from the TD Bank near Kelsey’s.
Preregistration is required here.
Classes will run twice a month to start.
Classes are “Pay what you can” There will be a donation box in the studio.

It is my intention we create a growing group of regular teen yogis, where we can grow and learn together. A space where you can learn to have deep gratitude for the life you live, and have more fun doing it.

Hot Yogi of the Month – March 2017

Congrats to Saree Sasson! She is our Hot Yogi of the month. Check out here story here:


After recently coming back from an injury, I was told that yoga could be beneficial to increase strength and flexibility and to help minimizing the risk of future injuries. However what I was surprised to find out after trying my first class was that it was so much more than just a type of stretch and work out.


Hot Yogi of the Month March 2017 Saree Sasson

My experience with Muskoka Hot Yoga has been incredible. I have learned so much about the yoga practice and myself and continue to learn new things every class. Yoga for me has helped me become more one with my body, build balance and most of all build confidence.

At Muskoka Hot Yoga, Sandra continuously challenges us to take new chances in our practice which has translated to my life off the mat. I have learned that I am able to do so many things I never though I would be able to through my practice and outside of it, like a headstand! Yoga has taught me that it’s okay to not be great at something and although you may fall out of a pose the idea is that you get right back up and keep trying because one day it will come. Also, yoga is such a great workout!

Lately I have noticed such and increase in strength and stamina when I am off my mat, as well as being able to better align my body throughout my workouts to help minimize injury. The hot environment at Muskoka Hot Yoga definitely increases the challenge of the flow but the feeling after s class is well worth the sweat!
Saree 🙂


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New Membership Group Launch January 11th, 2017

Announcing the launch of our new membership group…..

Muskoka Goddess – Live Simple Play More
Sign up here
Here you will find a road map to live a simpler life. Improve your health. Quiet your mind. Live with intention. Commit to being the best version of You. Try easy, have fun, laugh more. Become a Muskoka Goddess, with the heart of a Warrior. The time has come to lay a new foundation. It is time to surrender to, and embrace the wholeness of all You are.


And Now I will do what is best for Me.

This is a private FaceBook group for Muskoka Goddess Members only. It is more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. Declutter your home, your mind, your body. You will be guided monthly on how to take the overwhelm and stress out of your life. It is not a quick fix, or hard core diet. It is a journey to you living the best life you can. More fun. More time. Learn how to let go of everything that doesn’t make you feel good. Learn how to honour yourself fully. Discover your true worth.

You will get a monthly meditation, and two workouts a month. One workout to strengthen your core, one full body workout. An opportunity to submit one question (any topic) a month where I will answer in the group feed to benefit all our tribe.
Our journey together will benefit you with tips to declutter your home, and your life. Learn how to have a more connected and heart centred relationship. Tips to raise your vibration to attract on purpose with intention. Tools to get crystal clear on your 15871918_1296911057040911_2230809658447798103_npriorities so you can create a life that is truly your own. Create a vision for your life. It is a journey. Learn to beat yourself up less, and create a new frame work to see yourself thru. This work at times may not be easy. You may have to let go of old programming and reboot yourself. We will take this step by step, slowly, with flow and ease, like life is meant to be.

This is one stop for living a simpler, healthier and fun life. I would be honoured if you would join us, and share your thoughts and energy often. We are more alike than we will ever be different. Connect with your fellow sisters, who like you, are on this journey of self discovery, with a healthy serving of fun, laugher and mischief along the way. Register today

**Monthly Membership $35** – auto renews every 30 days on your credit card.

**Active Muskoka Hot Yoga Monthly Members** – $25/mth paid in studio.

**3 Month Membership $90** – renews every 90 days on your credit card.

Once payment has been received you will be sent an invite to the private Facebook group where you can start your journey to a simpler, healthier lifestyle.

Cancel anytime by emailing with “Muskoka Goddess Membership” in the subject line. All sales are final.

Note: Muskoka Goddess – Live Simple – Play More launches January 11th, 2017. Your membership will activate launch date and renew 30 days after.


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20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

wildest-womanOne of the most important things to me is to build a community, where we respect and honour our similarities, and our differences.  So here goes 20 things that will show how much we have in common, or how different our lives are. Either way, my desire is it will breed connection…….

  1. I have three children. Two girls and a boy.
  2. All three births were C-sections. Not by choice, but by necessity.
  3. Have been mostly single for many years. Longer than I was with my ex husband. We were together 14 years.1601316_631922446875379_1028078202_n
  4. I was born in Etobicoke, Ontario
  5. I am an only child.
  6. My nickname is school was French Poodle or Frenchy. Thank you Marc R, for that one! I used to wear my hair in two, high side ponytails, which reminded him of French poodle ears.
  7. I had a large birthmark removed from my left leg when I was thirty.
  8. The words “napkin” and “moist” drive me snakey. I know I am not alone in this. Hearing them makes my skin crawl.
  9. I meditate every day and have for the last 5 years. Keeps me connected and mostly sane.
  10. I was a competitive dancer as a child.  Jazz, Tap, ballet. Tap was my favorite, closely followed by Ballet Barre work.
  11. My parents were both born in Newfoundland.
  12. I have Fire walked four times.
  13. I prefer salty to sweet.
  14. Love cats. Dogs are ok.
  15. Have not owned a TV in over 12 years.
  16. I have experienced Kambo three times, and excited for the experience again in January 2017.
  17. I have had two miscarriages.
  18. I think burpees are the perfect exercise.  Ask my bootcamp clients, they will confirm that for you!
  19. I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
  20. I have no appendix.

Now You are in the know!

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December 2016 Hot Yogi of the Month

What a delightful surprise it was when Sandra told me she had selected me as December’s Yogi of the Month. Whaaaat?? Me??? Awesome.dscn1956

I juggle my life well. Like so many, my plate is full, but I am not that woman who is on an epic search for a way to ‘find balance in my life’. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what I stumbled upon at Muskoka Hot Yoga. To be honest, I detest exercise (yes, I know, I’m not supposed to say it). Simply, I’m a little too old to do things that I don’t enjoy and I’m way too young to stop looking for ways to improve… improve my health, improve my body, improve my outlook, improve me… as long as it feels good and makes me happy. I’m so happy I found hot yoga and the best shift in me since I started at Muskoka Hot Yoga is so simple yet enormous. I’ve gone from championing the phrase “I am enough” to believing it!

For years, I’ve enjoyed yoga every time I’ve partaken. The experience used to feel a lot like a visit to a spa. It was like a treat that allowed me to feel relaxed and calm. And like the spa is a place reserved for “ladies who spa”, yoga practice felt like a space reserved for yogis who were kind enough to make room for me when I came by.   I admire the strength, the grace, and the beauty of each yoga pose. I watch yoga YouTube like people watch sports… “These yogis are animals!” They are so strong, so graceful, so gorgeous. It never occurred to me that being a yogi is as simple as taking my place on my mat…. Because, I’m enough.

I started practicing regularly in September. I was nervous when I started because I hadn’t done anything physical in so long and I feared I might be a complete disaster.   As I moved on my mat, Sandra inevitably said just the right thing to help me “get out of my head” and get into a perfect place of knowing that my effort and form was just right. It’s just right EVERY time it get on my mat.

I use my block(s) and strap for many poses. Recently, I have managed to touch my head to my knee once or twice (yay! Hello knee!!). My crow is so close to flying, so so so close… any day now it will soar! I feel stronger and more flexible all the time. Some days, I leave the studio feeling like I’m floating and other days, well… I leave happy to know I get a redo very soon. The beautiful truth is that I have a fresh understanding of how fluid I am. I’ve come to appreciate that every day every pose can be different. I love that there is room in every pose to release and to challenge and to accept. The time I spend in the studio is special to me because it is where I go to get out of my head and really practice being in the now.

All that said, I have to say that hot yoga is a great work out! I feel it everywhere. My body feels like I’ve been to boot camp some days and the real miracle is that I actually love it. I have finally found my exercise. My body has shed about 10 pounds since September and as the scale continues to creep down my body is morphing into a healthier, stronger new version all the time. I’m really pleased that I notice I have more energy, more patience and I generally feel great all the time.

Sandra’s studio is always welcoming and free from egos. She and her instructors have a friendly way about them and the classes are always professional. Aside from my personal insights and experience, my take-away from Muskoka Hot Yoga is no matter your age, your body type, your gender, or your experience level, we are all yogis when we get on our mats. Each of us is enough. Namaste – Linda T

Muskoka Hot Yoga Weekend Schedule Friday Nov 4- Sunday Nov 6


930am- PowerFlow60you are sacred

530pm- ZenGlow60


1030am- PowerFlow60


9am Zen60


Register Here

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January Newsletter – Updates/Colonics/Workshops

January is certainly the worst month for our tribe to experience downtime! Colder temps, call a yogi loudly to land on our mats.rise above

I do not have a confirmed date to open the doors, however looking like early February. I request you put our studio in your meditations and energy work to facilitate our community being back in our hot studio sooner than later! Continue reading here

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