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Hot Yogi of the Month August 2017 – Braedi Waymouth

I started my yoga practice about three years ago in Toronto. A friend invited me to her class and from that I was hooked. I love how the practice brings me more awareness to my body and peace to my mind.  With such busy schedules, it’s nice to take some time for myself and for my health.  The hot yoga studio practice is 20170729_171011especially nice, as it offers a more challenging practice and I feel very accomplished after a class.  I hope to continue with my yoga practice, even though some weeks get busy, I feel so much better holistically after going to class. – Braedi Waymouth

Hot Yogi of the Month July 2017

“Wherever you stand be the soul of that place” RUMI

I discovered Sandra’s hot yoga studio in the cold, very snowy winter of 2017.  I was working a job contract in Huntsville (a beautiful town filled with amazing people!) and was very happy to find a hot yoga studio here!  Practicing hotmarnie yoga started about 10 years ago for me but it is in the past 3 that I have really made it a part of my life.  The experience at MHY covers many senses. The room is intimate with a beautiful cut log wall feature and items that Sandra has surely personally chosen to enhance positive energy, relaxation and an environment for mentally letting go and expanding oneself. The atmosphere is relaxed with meditative, calming music, essential oil infusers, hymalayan salt lamps and sometime candle light. The teachers are excellent in there guidance through different levels of yoga classes and offering hands on adjustments (which puts it over the top for me!). Most classes end with inspirational readings and cool lavender cloths being placed on your forehead.  Many times its been hard to leave after achieving such a relaxed state and I just want to stay another hour or so!

My Yoga practice has been an integral part of my personal growth and well being over many years, providing grounding, insight and physical fitness. I am VERY happy to have found the gem of Muskoka Hot Yoga with Sandra, Sarah, Trisha and Catherine and I plan to spend many more enriching hours there on my matt.


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Hot Yogi of the Month – June 2017 Amanda Fletcher

So many great things to say and not enough space to write it all down. I have been going to MHY since Sandra opened her old studio and the first class I took I was hooked. I love the style of yoga and have been practicing Baron Baptist’s style of yoga since I was in high school so for about 10 years. I have tried many different types of yoga and couldn’t picture myself doing any other2017-05-31 19.50.44 style then what the MHY studio does. All of the instructors are wonderful and I could go to any class and know that its going to be great. Yoga is my sanctuary and my me time. As most of our yogi tribe knows I have a very physical and mentally straining job. Being a nurse is busy so I look forward to my yoga and winding down from my busy days. Hot yoga at first seemed a bit daunting but I soon realized the benefits to my health and I always felt amazing after a class. I am able to get away with not having to get regular massages because I do so much hot yoga my muscles always feel awesome.  I would give up any other exercise before I gave up yoga. The people are amazing and it’s a really great tribe that keeps on growing. I’m so thankful to have found the MHY studio and I know I will be practicing for many years to come. – Amanda Fletcher

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Hot Yogi of the Month May 2017

Muskoka Hot Yoga and its amazing instructors have been a real gift. Last August I found myself back in Huntsville after being away for six years, and I had just begun a new chapter in my life. I’d done yoga off Hot Yogi of the Month May 2017and on over many years, but I had never found the right fit with a studio. The very first time I attended a class with Sandra I knew I had found that place and that person I would be able to build a practice with.

I started out attending only the zen classes and quickly built up the stamina and determination to go for the power flow! The level of fitness I’ve achieved was obvious when I recently did a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon (with some fellow hot yogis)! My cardio, stamina, and the ability to exercise in the heat were evident. I can honestly say I’ve never felt as fit as I do now.

More importantly than my physical well being has been the emotional and, dare I say, spiritual well-being I have found since committing to hot yoga. It really is my new happy place. The sense of community, support, and all around nurturing of the soul I always feel at Muskoka Hot Yoga has been life changing for me. My gratitude is huge for finding such a great place and great people at such a crucial time in my life. Thank you Sandra, Sarah and Trisha!

Kerry Roodvoets

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Client Testimonial

I do notice a change in myself after practicing hot yoga several times a week; I feel more positive in spirit, happier in my mood, stronger in body, and overall more at peace and more relaxed.  Its been a busy week last week, so I wasn’t able to attend as much as I usually do, and I do notice a subtle difference in my mood after not going as often.  I plan to continue my practice at Muskoka Hot Yoga, you have a wonderful studio and wonderful instructors. – Braedi Waymouth

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April Hot Yogi of the Month – Caroline Maslin

I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I first tried my first hot yoga class with Sandra! The minute I relaxed into the final resting pose and she put the cool, scented cloth on my forehead, I knew I was hooked for life. Unlike any other exercise class I’ve ever endured, I really look forward to being in class and getting out of my head to just focus on my breathing, my poses and myself. I think of it as a stretching and strengthening exercise for my body, mind and soul.


Hot Yogi of the Month April 2017 – Caroline Maslin

Sandra has taught me to be patient. To be in the moment. To live my life as mindfully as possible. I can honestly say I am a much happier, healthier person for it.

I love all the classes at [Muskoka Hot Yoga](, from Zen to Power Flow. I like to think that I am getting better at it, although I’ll admit I’m not a thing of beauty when folding my body into a reverse bind or pigeon. I’ve never expected anything out of my poses, just inner peace. As Sandra reminds us constantly, though, “It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect.”

At the beginning of each practice, I set my intention. Sometimes I decide to send all my strength to a loved one. Or sometimes I decide to send all my love to a sometimes violent and unsteady world. I believe this basic tenet of yoga wherever I am, is where I am – eyes down, heart focussed, deep nourishing breaths.

I am so blessed to have met Sandra and the other instructors at Muskoka Hot Yoga and to have them as part of this community. Thank you for being there for me and all my other fellow yogis on our mats!


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Hot Yogi of the Month – March 2017

Congrats to Saree Sasson! She is our Hot Yogi of the month. Check out here story here:


After recently coming back from an injury, I was told that yoga could be beneficial to increase strength and flexibility and to help minimizing the risk of future injuries. However what I was surprised to find out after trying my first class was that it was so much more than just a type of stretch and work out.


Hot Yogi of the Month March 2017 Saree Sasson

My experience with Muskoka Hot Yoga has been incredible. I have learned so much about the yoga practice and myself and continue to learn new things every class. Yoga for me has helped me become more one with my body, build balance and most of all build confidence.

At Muskoka Hot Yoga, Sandra continuously challenges us to take new chances in our practice which has translated to my life off the mat. I have learned that I am able to do so many things I never though I would be able to through my practice and outside of it, like a headstand! Yoga has taught me that it’s okay to not be great at something and although you may fall out of a pose the idea is that you get right back up and keep trying because one day it will come. Also, yoga is such a great workout!

Lately I have noticed such and increase in strength and stamina when I am off my mat, as well as being able to better align my body throughout my workouts to help minimize injury. The hot environment at Muskoka Hot Yoga definitely increases the challenge of the flow but the feeling after s class is well worth the sweat!
Saree 🙂


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Hot Yogis of the Month – February 2017

My daughter Laura has always had faith in me and my abilities. When I was 38, Laura wanted to learn how to downhill ski. “Take lessons with me, Mom.” Okay, so we learned to ski together. When I moved to Huntsville, Laura talked me into learning to curl. In November of this year, she said to me “I am going to hot yoga Mom, come with me you will love it! Really! ” At first I questioned why, at 53, I would want to do something that made me hot and sweaty on purpose, but not being able to resist spending time with my child, I said I would give it a try.
I now look forward with great excitement to hot yoga. It is something we can enjoy together and I have seen such a positive change in both of us. In a short time we have both become mentally stronger and physically toned.
What I have noticed most about Laura is that as a young, self employed professional, she has become more balanced and less stressed out. She has always been a very hard worker and determined person, but now she seems more focused and more confident. The kind and caring side of Laura shines. There is balance between her head and her heart… and she can rock the side crow.
For me at first it was purely physical. I thought it would be a way to strengthen an injured knee and the shoulder I broke a few years ago… and yes the physical changes are happening, but there is so much more that hot yoga has given me. I came to realize “I am love, I am enough.” Actually realizing that I was enough filled me with a great sense of peace. I feel happy, more aware, and more focused. Hot yoga helped me to fill the void left by retiring from my photography business. I love the challenge of a Power Flow class and now feel unselfish about taking time for me. More than anything, I have noticed how I use techniques from yoga every day. When I drive in wintery weather I am calmer. I also use my breath to relax myself to sleep better.

By Eileen Verdin

I have always enjoyed spending time with my mum. As she mentions, I usually try to talk her into activities outside of her comfort zone. Practicing at Muskoka Hot Yoga was a logical extension of this theme. When I pitched the idea, I did not think she would join me, but she is now a hot yoga enthusiast! She even keeps me accountable on days when I’m distracted or not so motivated. Although life is busy, our yoga practice gives us an excuse to see each other every week. For me, my mum is truly that person who shows up in my life and makes my world a better place.
My yoga practice started as a search for that elusive thing we call work-life balance. Within the past 5 years I have accomplished a lot: I graduated from law school, passed my bar exams, got married, started my own business, and became a member of a specialized panel providing legal representation to children. All of these accomplishments were wonderful; however, the increased responsibility left me with little time to just be. I was stressed. All of my energy was given to my clients, my business, and my family. With some gentle nudging from a friend, I began attending classes at Muskoka Hot Yoga this past October. Sandra’s guidance and encouragement has allowed me to let go of the stress from my week and restore myself so I can continue to show up fully in all aspects of my life. I have participated in classes taught by Sandra (of course), Sarah, and Trisha; each of whom bring their own energy, experiences, and ways of inspiring. I truly look forward to time spent at Muskoka Hot Yoga each week.
I now find myself with more energy and focus. Although I am not 100% stress-free (who is?), the addition of hot yoga to my life has been a major step on my path to achieving balance.
By Laura Verdin

January 2017 Hot Yogi of the Month – Michael Hart

“My name is Michael Hart and I have been practicing hot Yoga with Sandra and her staff for a couple of years.  In the beginning, I mainly thought of Yoga as a means to get an extra stretch between workout days, but then quickly realized there were many more benefits than just stretching.  20160913_171540-1While in my first year, I let work, life etc get in the way, but I have since found for myself, how important it is to make time for at the very least, two to three classes per week.  Hot yoga has become extremely important to me, my health, and my over all well being and has become a staple in my schedule.  I would even go as far to call it a natural medicine.  It has proven time and time again, to be a true gift to the body, and the mind. Sandra, thank you so much for all of your encouragement and support along my journey to developing the best version of myself. ” – January 2017

December 2016 Hot Yogi of the Month

What a delightful surprise it was when Sandra told me she had selected me as December’s Yogi of the Month. Whaaaat?? Me??? Awesome.dscn1956

I juggle my life well. Like so many, my plate is full, but I am not that woman who is on an epic search for a way to ‘find balance in my life’. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what I stumbled upon at Muskoka Hot Yoga. To be honest, I detest exercise (yes, I know, I’m not supposed to say it). Simply, I’m a little too old to do things that I don’t enjoy and I’m way too young to stop looking for ways to improve… improve my health, improve my body, improve my outlook, improve me… as long as it feels good and makes me happy. I’m so happy I found hot yoga and the best shift in me since I started at Muskoka Hot Yoga is so simple yet enormous. I’ve gone from championing the phrase “I am enough” to believing it!

For years, I’ve enjoyed yoga every time I’ve partaken. The experience used to feel a lot like a visit to a spa. It was like a treat that allowed me to feel relaxed and calm. And like the spa is a place reserved for “ladies who spa”, yoga practice felt like a space reserved for yogis who were kind enough to make room for me when I came by.   I admire the strength, the grace, and the beauty of each yoga pose. I watch yoga YouTube like people watch sports… “These yogis are animals!” They are so strong, so graceful, so gorgeous. It never occurred to me that being a yogi is as simple as taking my place on my mat…. Because, I’m enough.

I started practicing regularly in September. I was nervous when I started because I hadn’t done anything physical in so long and I feared I might be a complete disaster.   As I moved on my mat, Sandra inevitably said just the right thing to help me “get out of my head” and get into a perfect place of knowing that my effort and form was just right. It’s just right EVERY time it get on my mat.

I use my block(s) and strap for many poses. Recently, I have managed to touch my head to my knee once or twice (yay! Hello knee!!). My crow is so close to flying, so so so close… any day now it will soar! I feel stronger and more flexible all the time. Some days, I leave the studio feeling like I’m floating and other days, well… I leave happy to know I get a redo very soon. The beautiful truth is that I have a fresh understanding of how fluid I am. I’ve come to appreciate that every day every pose can be different. I love that there is room in every pose to release and to challenge and to accept. The time I spend in the studio is special to me because it is where I go to get out of my head and really practice being in the now.

All that said, I have to say that hot yoga is a great work out! I feel it everywhere. My body feels like I’ve been to boot camp some days and the real miracle is that I actually love it. I have finally found my exercise. My body has shed about 10 pounds since September and as the scale continues to creep down my body is morphing into a healthier, stronger new version all the time. I’m really pleased that I notice I have more energy, more patience and I generally feel great all the time.

Sandra’s studio is always welcoming and free from egos. She and her instructors have a friendly way about them and the classes are always professional. Aside from my personal insights and experience, my take-away from Muskoka Hot Yoga is no matter your age, your body type, your gender, or your experience level, we are all yogis when we get on our mats. Each of us is enough. Namaste – Linda T